In Love With the Void

from by Concubine

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swallowed by the sound of your voice
an illusion of our whispers piercing the silence
longing for more than a breath
against the neck of our nights

and my pathetic excuse for a spine
took the shivers and turned it into anxiety
how i loathe my mind and its curse
to give in at every confrontation
losing touch and chemistry
with passion and emotion

perscriptioned hope and forgiveness
just to feel like everybody else

standing at point a, but too afraid to find point b(e)
strong, be yourself, be everything that you're not
pretend that this town isn't your deathbed
”darling, take the pills and you'll be fine.”

passed out on the hospital floor
trying to scream but i'm tongue tied
”at least you're alive”
when you're dead inside, what counts as living?

i'm marching to the beat
of a dead stallion

blinded by the light at the end of the road
the fear took over
and this is where it lead me
an empty bed filled with guilt and remorse

tracing the whirlwind back to her
to let the drugs say our last words
i'm sorry that i never bid you farewell
that we never shared that night
that night meant the world
but the world means nothing to me

keep me alive by the needle,
the sweet nectar of your lips,
and the longing for this to end

it started with the frost that january casted upon me
i needed a comfort that only february could bring
but only to be ignored, so march drenches me in sorrow
someone save me

april, let me go, i can see may and june from here
escape from the deadly grips of spring, into the opened arms of july
decieved by summer, august stabbed me in the back
september just stood there, laughed and mocked me for ever trying

october, my lover, have mercy please
but it only lured me to the leaves of november
sacrificing me to december, putting me in a chokehold
i'm running out of air, through a year in the static


from A Year in the Static, released September 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Concubine Sweden

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